Fixed Gear is a Social Bookmarking website which provides you with familiarization and ideas as well as information about trends, updates and Breaking news in society. It can be said ‘fixed gear’ is a collection or bunch of trendful stories that provides visitors Platform with  facility to get known of the latest happenings in the surroundings among different field areas of the world.

Our Mission is to create a user friendly interface for enabling users or visitors to submit or share their urls, posts, content etc. Any registered or non-registered users can post a guest post.  We are providing a user’s ability to post their URL for latest or popular news on community for informative purposes.

As information sharing is good thing that make aware a lot people about the facts and happenings in the world. So our vision is to welcome those visitors who are interested to do this meaningful and fruitful job. It will popularize as well as bloom the knowledge of sharers and also visitors.

The objective of this blog post is not only to preach social bookmarking is the greatest social marketing tool in internet marketing, but to provide society, people attentive and aware to share and view the latest news as well as get aware of latests articles and debates related to various common field areas of the world.

With most news blog sites  providing a one-way capability of mainstream articles chosen  or posted only by editors, administrators of the website, but Fixed gear puts its users in charge and provide them overall facility to share their information and trending urls and articles. Community members can put their own articles, and other interesting links they’ve found, and participate in spirited debates about anything and everything that’s happening in the world at any given moment.

Fixed Gear Offers Society users to Ability to  share  Popular url for Breaking news not in one era, but it provide a full fledge vast platform as well as options to share their informative views through articles in the fields of Politics, Entertainment, Education, Sports, Travel, Business, Shopping etc.

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